Magikcraft Season One Out Now!

Magikcraft Season One is a free introduction to programming JavaScript in Minecraft. Go to and play along with the five video lessons in Season One.

The World's Most Advanced JavaScript in Minecraft Platform


The most popular programming language in the world. JavaScript can be used to write websites, desktop, and mobile applications. We support TypeScript and ES6, so you can write modern code.


The second-most popular computer game of all time, behind Tetris. Minecraft allows basic programming to be immediately dramatically effective.


"A power that allows people to do impossible things by special words" - and that's what computer programming is, too.

About Magikcraft

World Records

We set world records while teaching kids to code. In February 2017 Magikcraft and Microsoft set the world record for the "Most Zombies Killed In Minecraft In 10 Minutes Using JavaScript Lightning". It's 13,584! It June 2107 we are in Oslo, Norway to set another record.

Conferences and Workshops

We hold workshops for kids at Developer Conferences. These conferences bring kids and professional software developers together, to inspire both generations. Find out about upcoming events, or inquire about partnering with us for your event.

Platform Development

We hold a limited number of workshops and after-school programs to test new ideas, and develop the platform in close proximity with our users. We are currently building a product offering for general availability. Join the mailing list to be notified when it's ready.

Discovery through joyful play

We created Magikcraft inside a commitment to empower children to discover the power of coding through joyful play. We focus on discovery and being powerful in the face of the unknown, rather than on rote learning, or even teaching.

Minecraft for Type 1 Diabetes

We sponsor the MCT1 Open Source project that produces a modified version of Minecraft where the player has Type 1 Diabetes. The goal of this project is to empower children and families living with T1D through education and community.